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Who we are

This group is part of the PDE and Scientific Computing Team of the laboratory Raphaël Salem (LMRS). The laboratory is a mixed unit between the CNRS and University of Rouen. More informations can be found here.

The main topics of our group are the following (for more details, see the Research page) :

List of projects involving the group

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  • M2NUM

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Permanent members
Ionut Danaila, Professor University of Rouen Normandy, LMRS
Francky Luddens, Assistant professor University of Rouen Normandy, LMRS
Corentin Lothodé, Research Engineer University of Rouen Normandy, LMRS
Temporary members
Aina Rakotondrandisa, PhD Student, ATER (Advisor: I. Danaila) 01/09/2015 — 31/08/2019
Georges Sadaka, Post-Doc Fellow (Advisor: I. Danaila) 01/01/2019 — 31/12/2019
Cécile Legrand, Intern 21/01/2019 — 30/06/2019
Ghaniyya Medghoul, Intern 21/01/2019 — 30/06/2019