Brief presentation

This group is part of the PDE and Scientific Computing Team of the laboratory Raphaël Salem (LMRS).
The laboratory is a mixed unit between the CNRS and University of Rouen.
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  • Biofilms
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Phase-Change Materials
  • Super fluids
Current :
Past :
  • M2NUM

Permanent members

  • Ionut Danaila, Professor - page
  • Adel Blouza, Assistant Professor - page
  • Francky Luddens, Assistant Professor - page
  • Corentin Lothodé, Research Engineer - page

Temporary members

  • Aina Rakotondandrisa, PhD Student, ATER - advisor Ionut Danaila - page
  • An Thi Dinh - PhD Student - advisor Adel BLOUZA with Linda El ALAOUI (Université Paris 13)