During the injection process in a car engine, the dynamics of the flow is dominated by large recirculation areas, organized in vortex rings (VR). The estimation of the characteric parameters of these VR required accurate simulations, hardly achieved with industrial codes. The goal is to develop accurate and robust methods, in order to simulate complex flows in a cylinder, with potentially heterogeneous parameters (such as viscosity or fluid density).


We have developed a home made NS solver:

  • 3D cylindrical solver for incompressible Navier-Stokes equations,
  • Compact schemes (finite differences),
  • Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS), or turbulence modeling through Large Eddy Simulation (LES),
  • Applications to jet flows, vortex rings.


Fluid mechanics Exemple of a non axisymmetric vortex ring. It is created by a azimuthal perturbation of a flat axisymmetric injection profile. The excited mode is $m=12$.

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