As a first step towards the simulation of PCM, we intend to simulate natural convection in 2d and 3d settings. The purpouse of this study is to validate our algorithms and implementations on simpler problems, and try to simulate later complex geometric configurations, that might be coupled with the presence of one or more PCM block(s).


  • 2D/3D numerical solver for Navier-Stokes-Boussinesq equations,
  • Combined finite element solver and Newton method,
  • Implementation in the free software FreeFem++,
  • Parallel computing using FFDDM library.


2DServerRoom Mixed convection in a server room (2D). Fresh air in injected at the bottom left part, and exits at the top right part. Servers are modeled as fixed object with heat flux source.

3DServerRoom Mixed convection in a server room (3D). Streamlines of the velocity field at the last step of the computation (colored by temperature).

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